Thursday 23 October 2014

Dream trip to Macau.

Macau is always a dream destination that I wanted to visit. Besides Hong Kong, Macau seems like a cool place that consists of not only yummy food but also a few tourists spot for people to visit. 

I always saw friends that been to Macau had their mandatory shot with the famous Ruins of St. Paul's. I did search up on the history behind and found out that it was originally built in the 16th century but got burned down and was rebuild multiples times before the natural disasters happened in 1835 and left it beyond repair. Heritage buildings always attracts me, it has it's own beauty therefore it makes me want to visit Macau eagerly! To get to visit that place with my own eyes and have my own experience of it. :) 

Besides that, Macau has the oh-so-famous Portuguese tarts only exclusively available over there. Heard that the crowd is insane, every hour there will be people queuing up for their Portuguese tarts, I've also heard many said that how those Portuguese tarts made them mesmerize and miss it so much. My friends even told me that she has no verbs to describe the buttery crust and richly egg custard centre egg tarts and wanted me to taste it myself when I've a chance to visit Macau. Therefore, being a foodie, I definitely need to try them out! 

Visiting Macau means that I will be going to the east version of Venice/Rome. I came across The Venetian Macao and got impressed by how much it looks like in Rome, the design and pictures on the wall. I always love the culture and not gonna lie I will be so excited to see and explore! Not to forget, take pictures over there hehe. 

That concludes how much I wanted to visit Macau and I really wish that I have this opportunity to make my wish comes true. 

The reason that I should be send to Macau is because being a student, besides struggling to study for exams, I have to struggle to spend less and save more pocket money for my yearly vacation, normally the places that I can afford are only countries around Malaysia in Asia or maybe just a road trip to somewhere. Therefore I really hope that this will be a unforgettable and memorable trip for me! Macau I'm coming for you!! 

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Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) -

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  1. wish you all the best. hope you can win the trip :D

  2. good luck and all the best! egg tarts! yummehhh!

  3. Nice write up! Macau looks very interesting!

  4. Nice one and good luck!